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Kamakura  KANON 

Kimono rental shop

kimono fashion is fun!

Just bring yourself !

Kamakura KANON is kimono rental shop.  There is nothing to fear even if you have no idea how to wear a kimono.  Empty-handed and you can get completely dressed in a kimono and set your hair just about 40 minutes. Then Please go to your favorite places such as Kamakura Daibutsu or Tsurugaoka Hachimangu  enjoy the Kamakura and Japanese culture.  You will return until 5:00 pm.  If possible, Please make an appointment and visit us.    5 minutes walk from Kamakura Station.

About infectious control measures (COVID19)

1.  Be sure to wear a mask 

2. Please use hand sanitizer

* Caution 

At first let me confirm the size of the kimono because The kimono is made to figure of Japanese people.

Women are less than 175cm (6feet) tall, hips size 110cm ( 43 inches) 

Man are less than 185cm ( 7feet ) tall, hips size 110cm (43 inches 

Rental price list

  • ¥6.600 tax incl Kimono sansaku-style. (Set of clothes including kimono, dressing, hair styling and footwear)
  • ¥5.500 tax incl Kimono sansaku-style. (not include hair styling. Set of clothes including kimono, dressing, and footwear)
  • ¥4.400 tax incl Kimono simple style. (not include hair styling. Set of clothes including kimono, dressing and footwear, limited to white tabi and half-width belt)
  • ¥4.400 tax incl Kimono sansaku-style for men. (Set of clothes including kimono, dressing and footwear)
  • ¥8.250 tax incl kimono sansaku-style for date. (fee for men and women)

The kimono for the autumn-style  starts on September24

The Japanease Kimono-style varies according to seasons. Please enjoy autumn kimono-style .

Yukata is casual clothes for the summer season as  KIMONO.

The Yukata-style of this season was finished.

  As for YUKATA color is very bright !

Kimono for Summer-style

2021, Days a shop is closed

* Sep.   8th(Wed),  15th(Wed),  21th(Tue),  27th(Mon)
* Oct.    7th(Thu), 13th(Wed),  22th(Fri), 25th(Mon)
* Nov.   10th(Wed), 17th(Wed),  29th(Mon)
* Dec.    8th(Wed),  15th(Wed),  21th(Tue),  31th (Fri)

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